It Happened in Marin with Jim Holden

What makes Marin County such an enjoyable place to live and such a unique part of the American landscape?
In It Happened in Marin, author Jim Holden brings us a wealth of answers. With Jim we explore the enchanted wilds of Mt. Tam. We learn about the difcult birth of the Golden Gate Bridge and the pioneers who brought it
into being. We hike the trails of a secret wildlife preserve that Jim calls “The Big Empty,” and we get an insider’s look into the controversies surrounding the county’s oyster beds, its tule elk, and even Marin’s
esteemed Buck Trust. With magnificent photography from Marin’s Brad Rippe, this is a book to savor and a must read for history buffs and for all of us who call Marin our home. Jim Holden brings a distinguished background to these stories. A native of St. Louis, Jim came west and graduated from
Stanford University. He then earned his law degree from Stanford Law School and practiced law for many years in San Francisco and Marin, mostly with Hanson Bridgett, LLP. For more than 45 years, Jim has lived in Marin County, hiking its trails, loving its spirit, and becoming an avid student of its unique history, culture and lore.

Debra Schwartz and Jim Holden 5-2-2018