Wilhelm House – 1905


December, 2006

House built by Harry Wilhelm in the 1905.  > click to enlarge

House built by Harry Wilhelm in the 1905. > click to enlarge

This photo was taken in 1905. Today, the large house fronts on Ridgewood at #328; the small house is at #330; both formerly fronted on Ferndale. The water tower no longer exists. The front steps on the large house lead down to Ferndale. The two fences on the right delineate the public path connecting Ferndale and Ridgewood. The buildings on Mt. Tamalpais are the Tavern of Tamalpais which had 38 rooms, dining halls, dance pavilion, etc. The large water tank on the hill on the right is on Edgewood near Marion – it supplied water to Belvedere and Tiburon.

In 1904, Harry Wilhelm bought a 2.21-acre parcel between Ridgewood and Ferndale and built the small house. In 1905 he moved the small house over next to the public path and built the large house in its place. It has three stories plus a basement. By 1960, the parcel had been progressively subdivided into nine lots, each with a house. The two original houses have been enlarged.

In 1966, Jon Hendricks, the famous singer, song writer and professor of jazz, bought the large house. He and his wife raised a family there. He still owns the house and rents it out. He travels a lot to performances throughout the world, teaches at the University of Toledo and lives in New York. He has said that he would like to return to Homestead some day.

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