Homestead Hall


March, 2007

Homestead Hall (lower right of photo) c. 1930.  >  click to enlarge

Homestead Hall (lower right of photo) c. 1930. > click to enlarge

This photo with Mount Tamalpais in the background was taken in about 1930 from LaVerne, probably near #100 at the almost 180° turn. The large brown building in the foreground is Homestead Hall at 155 Linden Lane near Evergreen. Above it in the photo, the nearest white house at 207 Evergreen and the two houses across the street at 218 and 220 still exist as does the house on the left at 163 Linden Lane. Homestead Hall was later converted into a residence – parts of the original building are still in evidence.

Homestead Hall was built in 1904 as a center of community activities such as scout meetings, dances, movies and political meetings. Mary Brabo, who still lives at Reed and LaVerne where she was born in 1910, went to Homestead Hall with other Homestead children for their catechism lessons taught by nuns from the catholic church.

Brown’s Hall on Miller Avenue near the 2AM Club was constructed in 1934, and served as Homestead’s second community center until it was sold to the Buddhists of Marin in 1972. The present community center next to Homestead School on Montford is on a 1.13-acre parcel that had been the residence of the Hughes Call family. Their horse ring is now a meadow used for recreation and education. Their home was extensively remodeled to facilitate community activities and their swimming pool was replaced.

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