Eating Out in 1948


March, 2013

We last heard about George and Edna in 1938. In the interim, George spent three years as a lieutenant in the Army Quartermaster Corps. He now has a responsible position in a San Francisco based international shipping company. George commutes by Greyhound bus. In 1941, they bought a used 1939 Plymouth 2-door sedan. Edna went back to teaching when Margaret started first grade at Homestead School.  Margaret is now in 5th grade at Park School. Edna teaches English at Tam High.  In 1947, George got a VA loan to buy the house they rented on Hawthorn.

George: We sure have seen a lot of changes since we moved here ten years ago. This year mail is delivered from Mill Valley, not from Sausalito. The Brown Jug is now the 2 AM Club, although regulars call it “The Deuce.”

Edna: How about the Miller Avenue Shopping Center which opened last year. It has groceries, fruits, vegetables, Gosser’s meat, Doris Baby Shop, and G&G pharmacy. McLeod Meat Market on Miller is also new.

George: It’s amazing that the shopping center is in Quonsets like we used in the military all over the world. But what about all the new houses on the other side of the tracks. And Locust now has 3 service stations, 3 auto repair shops and four automobile dealerships. Lots of changes since 1938.

Edna: It’s easy to see why Mill Valley is trying to annex Homestead’s half of the business district—they want the taxes, especially those from the Quonsets.

George: That will mean the 2 AM Club and our community center, Brown’s Hall, will not be in Homestead.  Our community association has objected vociferously, but it seems to me we will lose the battle.

Edna:  That will be a big change. But we still have a shortage of restaurants.  Remember our first dinner out?  We checked out the three restaurants up near the depot, and ended up eating at the Locust Restaurant.

George: Yes, I remember. And we had ice cream at the Locust Ice Cream Parlor.

Edna:  Too bad that the Locust Restaurant is now the Brothers Tavern, but the Locust Fountain on the corner now serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We should try it sometime.

George: As for the downtown area, Sequoia Grotto, and Esposti’s still exist, but not the Log Cabin.

Edna: Now that we have a car we can go out to dinner in San Rafael, or even San Francisco.

George: Speaking of the Brothers Tavern, I’m told that it is the local pub for the folks who live on that side of the tracks, and that on this side of the tracks, the 2 AM Club is the local pub for Homestead Valley. Near the depot downtown there are two more local pubs, Old Mill Tavern and Meet the Quinn’s.  When I was in England we used to go to pubs known as local pubs.

Edna: Ah!  Here’s Margaret. Did you have a good time at Nancy’s birthday party?

Margaret: Yes. She invited all the girls in our class.  They have a big house near Boyle Park.

Edna: We were thinking about going out to dinner tonight..

Margaret: Can we go to Marvel Mar?

Edna:  The dine & dance spot over on the highway? Where did you get such an idea?

Margaret:  Nancy went there with her parents. She told us that she had a Shirley Temple. Her parents had high balls. The orchestra was real loud. And everyone was jitterbugging.

George: Let’s drive to the city and have dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf tonight.

Edna: That’s a great idea.  Margaret, you  always have a good time there don’t you?

Margaret: OK, but I want to go to Marvel Mar sometime.

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