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May 2014

Homestead Terrace - 1968

Homestead Terrace – 1968

Vietnam War: Tet Offensive; US and North Vietnamese delegations begin peace talks Soviets invade Czechoslovakia putting an end to “Prague Spring”
Students revolt in France

Lyndon Johnson refuses to run again for president
Martin Luther King, Jr. is slain; riots follow in many cities
Robert F. Kennedy is shot in Los Angeles
Violent demonstrations at the Chicago Democratic National Convention
Hubert Humphrey loses to Richard Nixon in presidential election
Population of US is 201 million; 3.3% unemployment (lowest in 15 years)
The movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is shown to great acclaim
Oil is discovered at Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

Governor Ronald Reagan dedicates Oroville Dam, initiating operations of the State Water Project

Mill Valley Record
City Council adopts a resolution urging orderly withdrawal from Vietnam
City Council opposes a missile base on either Angel Island or Wolfback Ridge
The State of California buys two ranches and thereby doubles the size of Mt. Tamalpais State Park to 5000 acres
Top Hat Supermarket opens at 393 Miller. It provides access to Jolly King Liquors

Homestead Headlines
The original two story school building built in 1920 is condemned for not meeting building requirements for safety. The Mill Valley School Board of Trustees decides to replace the building with modular units of “semi-permanent” construction. A pre-fabricated building with three classrooms, a library and a large multi-purpose room is erected on the playground. The old building which had served for 47 years is demolished during Christmas vacation to restore to some degree the playground space lost to the new building.
[In 2005, Marin Horizon School replaced the 37-year old pre-fab with a permanent two-story building.]

BROWN’S HALL The perfect setting for dances, receptions, meetings, parties, classes, concerts, lectures, sales, also small meeting room. Call Brown’s Hall DU 8-7568

Construction of Homestead Terrace, Federal Public Housing, Elderly/Disabled, is almost complete.
[It opened on March 3, 1969.]

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