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VIGNETTE > 24 Sunnyside

The Old Ranch Bakery Lunch Room established in 1889 was the first restaurant in downtown Mill Valley.  In 1938 there were only three restaurants: Esposti’s, The Log Cabin and The Sequoia Grotto. Since then, many have come and gone. An extreme example is the former residence at 24 Sunnyside. It has housed eleven different restaurants…

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VIGNETTE > California Alpine Club

In 1913, a few hikers from Oakland and San Francisco met Sunday mornings to hike in Marin. Notices in The Call, a San Francisco newspaper, informed hikers of these outings. They formed a club and distributed a printed hike schedule.  By 1914 the club had 84 members. They adopted California Alpine Club as the club’s…

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VIGNETTE > Throckmorton

In 1855, Samuel R. Throckmorton became the owner of Rancho Sausalito, 19,000 acres (30 sq. miles) of southern Marin north of the Golden Gate. In 1860 he began converting open cattle range into divided dairy ranches, ultimately 24. Virtually all the lessees and their workers were Portuguese, principally from the Azores Islands.  In 1866 he…

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VIGNETTE > Golf Course

The 9-hole Mill Valley Municipal Golf Course is popular among local golfers.  The clubhouse is used for performing arts, concerts, service club meetings, city functions, weddings, classes and celebrations.  It was originally a private club. In 1896, a group of Mill Valley business leaders tried but failed to establish one. In 1916, there was another…

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VIGNETTE > Victuals

An early visitor to Marin described a party in 1847 at Captain Richardson’s Rancho Sausalito as “a feast for the Gods”.  Squaws brought in roasts of beef, venison, elk, antelope and bear, plus ducks and quail on skewers. The abundance of meat was due to the practice of killing wild animals for their pelts and…

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In 1892, Charles James Dowd founded a livery stable on Throckmorton opposite Madrona. It was the first of his many enterprises utilizing horses. For example, his team of horses pulled the hearse for the Keaton and Dowd mortuary. Dowd’s Fashion Stables specialized in Percherons. A team of these large draft horses pulled a “Fresno grader”…

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