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VIGNETTE > Krag’s Ship

In the early 1940s, Gray Line tour busses headed for Muir Woods stopped at an Edgewood Ave. house to see a large boat in the front yard. It was a 70 ft. replica of the historic 204 ft. Wapama, a wooden steam schooner built in 1915 for the Pacific Coast lumber trade. Homeowners Erik and…

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VIGNETTE > Bay Front Park

In 1976, HKS Associates studied the development of a park fronting on the estuary that had been dredged in 1964. They issued a Preliminary Master Plan in December 1977.  The plan called for 28 acres of landscaped open space, grassed area, open turf, picnic areas with trees, a boating pier, a fishing pier, a par…

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VIGNETTE > Yacht Harbor

In 1959, the Mill Valley City Council requested Bala & Strandgaard, Civil Engineers, to make a preliminary feasibility study for the proposed Mill Valley small craft harbor in the marshlands east of the railroad (now the Bay Shore shared use path). Their report concluded, “A harbor is feasible—and could pay for itself.” The proposed First…

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VIGNETTE > Horse Hill

On the left, north of the Tiburon Wye on 101 is a hill where horses often graze. The Marin County Open Space District owns Horse Hill Open Space Preserve, 55 acres of fenced pasture. The Alto Bowl Horseowners’ Association (ABHA) is responsible for managing the fourteen horses permitted to graze on Horse Hill. ABHA is…

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VIGNETTE > Tamalpais Valley

The Tamalpais Valley Community Services District has about 7000 residents. In 1906, S.A. Moss bought Ranch E from the Tamalpais Land & Water Co. The area was called Coyote Hollow, the drainage shed of Coyote Creek. A 1909 subdivision brochure advertising lots for sale named the area Tamalpais Valley. The brochure noted that the lots…

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Vignette > The Fireside

On April 26, 1884, the North Pacific Coast Railroad (NPCR) opened the 2,183-foot Alto Tunnel from Mill Valley to Corte Madera. A new rail bed followed today’s Bay Shore multipurpose path. In 1889, NPCR established Manzanita Station. Dairies in Tennessee Valley and Tamalpais Valley sent milk to the station for shipment to San Francisco. By…

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