Vignette > 1918 Flood

Site of Almonte Train Stop – click to enlarge

Big News. The armistice was signed on November 11, 1918.

A week later there was more Big News. The Mill Valley Record reported: “Highest Tide in Years.  Richardson Bay made a mighty effort to reach its original confines. A high tide, a heavy downpour of rain and a wind blowing in from the bay carried the water over the track and almost to the top of the fences, all the way from the railway tower at Almonte to Sausalito. The athletic grounds at the High School were completely submerged and the highway passing the powerhouse was under water in places. The county road running along Marin Heights [behind the high school] was flooded for some distance and here a heavy auto truck was stalled in several feet of water. The last train out of Mill Valley was the one that left at 9:42.

A little beyond the High School station it was stopped [third rail under water]. It finally reached Sausalito about 11 o’clock, being pushed down by a locomotive. A locomotive brought the train back a few minutes before 3 in the afternoon.”  Sea level rise will likely be Big News in the future.