May’s First Wednesday event was a great success!

Steve Potts - May 7, 2014 Mill Valley Historical Society

Steve Potts – May 7, 2014
Mill Valley Historical Society

May’s First Wednesday event was a great success. Mountain biking pioneer and Mill Valley native Steve Potts delivered a very thoughtful and engaging presentation to a full house.

In addition to talking about the development of mountain biking he covered much more. Using entertaining stories he talked about growing up in Mill Valley, his travels and discovering his passion for creating and building things – in particular bicycles. That passion steeled him to build a business over the last 40 years that he obviously loves.

Steve Potts
Throughout the discussion he offered many life lessons about work, raising a family and giving back to the community. And perhaps most importantly he reminded us of how lucky we are to live where we do.

“The Swiss Connection” First Wednesday Program


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The second talk of the 2014 First Wednesday Series was another sellout crowd. Tourism in Ticino, Switzerland will probably show a sharp increase as a result of Marilyn Geary’s photos of the Valle Maggio.  Marilyn traced the roots of many West Marin families to Valle Maggio, and she discussed how these families have made an impact on agriculture in West Marin – many of them in cheese making like their ancestors.


Welcome to the Mill Valley Historical Society

The Old Mill, built by John Thomas Reed around 1836. MVN1328 – Courtesy of the Lucretia Little History Room, Mill Valley Public Library

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2014 Mill Valley History Walk: “Locust District – Then and Now”

2014 MVHS banner over Blithedale 3Locust District – Then and Now
Planes, Trains and Indians
2013 MVHS History Walk.21

The 2014 Mill Valley historical society will be hosting the annual Walk Into History on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.

As is tradition, the walk will take place in 15-minute intervals from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm. The walk will “begin” at the Outdoor Art Club. Begin is the operating word, because the walk will actually take place a mile away in the Locust District.

Sign ups will take place at the Outdoor art club and the walkers will immediately board a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will carry the walkers to the Marin Theater, across the street from the 2 a.m. club and Joes Taco lounge. Here is where the walk BEGINS.

There will be many businesses and homes covered in the walk, as well as stories and anecdotes about the development of the surrounding neighborhood.
Chief Marin Sign
Two highlights of the walk will be the stops that point out the birthplace of “Chief Marin”, as well as the one time location of the first European adobe home of Mill Valley. (The home of the John Reed family – same John Reed who built the MILL of Mill Valley) The third highlight of the walk will be a colorful story and pointing out of the location where an early bi-plane (1911) “crash landed” in the barren Locust district. Look soon for the walk poster, which will highlight these three mentioned elements of the walk.

MVHS February 2014 First Wednesday Presentation


DSC05114On February 5, Betsy Stroman spoke to the Mill Valley Historical Society at the opening First Wednesday presentation of the 2014 season. A crowd of 70 guests listened to Betsy’s talk, which included 35 historic slides and anecdotes of the Sausalito artists of post-war Sausalito.  Betsy focused on the Sausalito Six and other well-known artists of the time.  [click photos to enlarge]