History of Homestead Valley

Homestead Headlines Articles by Chuck Oldenburg

Homestead Valley in 1907

Homestead Valley in 1907 – click to enlarge

In 1866 Samuel Throckmorton, owner of Rancho Saucelito, built a hunting lodge which he named “The Homestead” at what is now the corner of Ethel Ave. and Montford Avenue in a valley that later became known as Homestead Valley. In 1903, the Tamalpais Land & Water Company, which had become the owner of Rancho Saucelito, subdivided the valley into building sites. Homestead Valley today is an unincorporated community of about 1100 homes located between the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the City of Mill Valley.

Mill Valley Historical Society member Chuck Oldenburg has lived in Homestead Valley since 1963.  In April 2000, he began a series of monthly articles about its history for the Homestead Headlines, the newsletter of the Homestead Valley Community Association. Below is an index to all of his articles.

As of December 2012, there are 152 articles listed in reverse chronological order. Chuck recently published a booklet of printed copies.  It contains 137 articles organized into seven sections, each of which relates to a specific subject area.

If you have comments or questions about any of his articles or other topics pertaining to the history of Homestead Valley, please e-mail Chuck Oldenburg.

To obtain a copy of  his booklet, send a $20 check to Chuck Oldenburg at 568 Montford Ave. Mill Valley, CA 94941, and specify an address for delivery.

Bon Mots from the Sixties April 2014
The Lumber Yard March 2014
Forty Year Old News – 1974 February 2014
Service Stations January 2014
The 1940 Census December 2013
Early 1940 in Homestead November 2013
Buttercup October 2013
Monica and Yankee September 2013
4-H Valley Riders August 2013
Homestead Valley Riding Club July 2013
Sir Erik June 2013
Krag’s Ship May 2013
Marin Terrace School April 2013
Eating Out in 1948 March 2013
Eating Out in 1938 February 2013
A Muir Woods Connection January 2013
Trail Tales – 3 December 2012
Trail Tales – 2 November 2012
Trail Tales – 1 October, 2012
Bombs in Homestead September, 2012
A Freshman’s Biography August, 2012
Chez Theuriet in the 1920s July, 2012
Mary Greyerbiehl (1921 – 2007) June, 2012
Homestead’s Role in Light Opera May, 2012
The Oldest House April, 2012
Early Morning in Homestead March, 2012
Fire Departments Merge February, 2012
Druid Heights January, 2012
Stolte Grove December, 2011
Alex McCurdy & Family November, 2011
Homestead Headlines of Yesteryear October, 2011
Brabo Oral History: Tony and Mary Brabo in the 1930s September, 2011
Brabo Oral History: Life of Tony Brabo in the 1920s August, 2011
Brabo Oral History: Life of Mary Bettencourt in 1923 July, 2011
La Verne Avenue June, 2011
Naming Streets May, 2011
Helen Eells: Helen Returns to Homestead Valley April, 2011
Helen Eells: The Dayton Flood and the Panama Canal March, 2011
Helen Eells: The Zone February, 2011
Helen Eells: A New Life January, 2011
Helen Eells: A Trip to San Quentin Prison December, 2010
Helen Eells: Uncle Hobart November, 2010
Helen Eells: A Trip to the City October, 2010
Helen Eells: A Gentleman’s Farm September, 2010
Helen Eells: The Family Settles In August, 2010
Helen Eells: Arriving in Homestead Valley July, 2010
Reflection March, 2010
Veale House February, 2010
Homestead School – a Chaotic Start January, 2010
Alto Powerhouse December, 2009
Transportation in 1910 November, 2009
LaVerne Heights Maps October, 2009
Cool Hostage September, 2009
School Girls August, 2009
Marriages in Three Groves July, 2009
A Homestead Valley Politician June, 2009
LaVerne Railroad May, 2009
Amaranth April, 2009
Castle Park March, 2009
Betsy’s Legacy February, 2009
Significant Events of 1973 January, 2009
Volunteer Park December, 2008
Classical Music November, 2008
The Goat Lady House October, 2008
Steps, Lanes, and Paths September, 2008
Trees August, 2008
Dorothy Noble July, 2008
Homestead Hill = Lion Hill June, 2008
Gardening in Homestead May, 2008
Santos Farm April, 2008
Homestead Terrace March, 2008
The Blue House February, 2008
Ezekiel House January, 2008
Three Groves December, 2007
Brogan House November, 2007
Hill Ranch October, 2007
Homestead School September, 2007
Eells Plants Eucs August, 2007
Northeast View – 1907 July, 2007
Memorial Rock June, 2007
235 Laverne May, 2007
Tamalpais Camp April, 2007
Homestead Hall March, 2007
The Volunteer Fire Department February, 2007
Van Trip – 1967 January, 2007
Wilhelm House – 1905 December, 2006
Stolte Home – 1920s November, 2006
The Homestead October, 2006
Homestead Valley – 1907 September, 2006
Morton House August, 2006
Beach Party July, 2006
The Great Depression June, 2006
Servant Problems May, 2006
Earthquake Centennial April, 2006
Lillian Ferguson March, 2006
The Tamal Tocsin February, 2006
Homestead Sewer Election January, 2006
Hostage Drama December, 2005
Art Fontes November, 2005
Springs October, 2005
Presidential Elections September, 2005
The Old Bay Mare August, 2005
Grammar Schools July, 2005
Camping In Homestead June, 2005
Homestead’s Post Office May, 2005
Century Old News April, 2005
Is This the Road to Muir Woods? March, 2005
Dias Ranch February, 2005
Pliny the Gardner January, 2005
Famous Residents December, 2004
Three Historic Events November, 2004
Homestead Residents Protest October, 2004
1907 Photo of Homestead Valley September, 2004
Mystery Solved August, 2004
Theuriet House July, 2004
Old Houses June, 2004
Annexation to Mill Valley May, 2004
Homestead Terrace Redux April, 2004
Gardening in 1906 or The Good Earth March, 2004
The Home Front – 1942 February, 2004
Opposition to Sewer in 1927 January, 2004
Population of Homestead December, 2003
Thievery in 1925 November, 2003
A Portuguese Family October, 2003
New Sidewalks in 1932 September, 2003
Neighborhoods August, 2003
First Census – 1910 July, 2003
No Automobiles June, 2003
Significant Events of 1903 May, 2003
Tam Canyon Tragedy April, 2003
Horse and Buggy Days March, 2003
Volunteers February, 2003
Four Questions January, 2003
Bill Brown December, 2002
Four Firsts November, 2002
Sewer October, 2002
Water September, 2002
Housing Co-operative August, 2002
Six Firsts July, 2002
Quonsets Annexed June, 2002
Earthquake Refugees May, 2002
Earthquake Diary April, 2002
Jack Kerouac March, 2002
The Dance Hall February, 2002
Brown’s Hall Rescued and Sold January, 2002
Jo Rescues Brown’s Hall December, 2001
Worley Tract and Madrone Park November, 2001
Bull Roasts in Stolte Grove October, 2001
Open Space – How it Began September, 2001
Heckman Tract August, 2001
Where is Homestead Valley? July, 2001
LaVerne Heights June, 2001
Homestead School May, 2001
Early Days in Homestead April, 2001
Who Owns the Streets? March, 2001
Fire Protection February, 2001
Homestead Terrace January, 2001
A Significant Year December, 2000
Camp Tamalpais November, 2000
Homestead in the Thirties October, 2000
The Golden Twenties September, 2000
Homestead Boulevard August, 2000
The Homestead July, 2000
Origins of the Community June, 2000
The Wilderness Era May, 2000
Laverne or La Verne? April, 2000