The 2015 Annual “Walk into History”

“Rest, Recreation and `Roos”

The annual Walk into History celebrates the stories of one particular area of Mill Valley each year. The Thirty-eighth Walk will be on Sunday, May 24th, Memorial Day Weekend “Rest, Recreation and `Roos”. 
Rest Recreation and `Roos - PosterThe 2015 walk starts at the famous Outdoor Art Club at 1 West Blithedale Avenue, and takes us to Blithedale Canyon, to learn about builder Harvey Klyce, the Cushing and Billings families, the Redwood Lodge, Blithedale Hotel and the stories of this one-time popular resort area.
Walking tours begin every 15 minutes, starting at 9:30 am, from the Outdoor Art Club. The last group leaves at 4:00 pm, and returns at 6:00 pm.
Groups are led by trained volunteer Guides who are personable, and take great interest in local history. This Walk will wend through areas that are shaded by redwood trees, and areas that can be in full sun. Please dress accordingly, and consider wearing hats and bringing water. Portions of the Walk occur in unpaved, uneven areas. There is one set of City of Mill Valley maintained stairs on this Walk.
Admission: $15 for Members of the Mill Valley Historical Society;
$20 for non-Members; $10 for ages 10-18 years.
Eventbrite - 2015 Walk into History - Blithedale Canyon

Calling all Historians and Lovers of History!

2014-05-25 at 10.46.02 - Copy
Do You Enjoy Walking?
Do You Enjoy Learning about Mill Valley History?
Do You Enjoy Talking about Mill Valley History?
Would You Like to “Give Back?
Are You Available on Sunday, May 24th?

If You Answered “Yes” to the Above, then Be a Volunteer
2015 Walk into History Guide for the Mill Valley Historical Society!

WHO: Any Member of the Mill Valley Historical Society

WHAT: Attend an Orientation on Saturday, April 25th from 10:30 to 11:30 am
Attend Two Guided Practice Walks during between May 2nd and May 22nd
Lead an Historical Walking Tour of Blithedale Canyon on Sunday May 24th

WHY: To Meet New People, Contribute to Your Community,
Share Your Interests in Local History and Mill Valley, and Have a Great Time!

Each year approximately 30 individuals volunteer as Guides for our fun and educational Walk into History. Guides receive all the information needed in advance, and then work together in groups and individually to become familiar with the stories that are shared on the Walk. Guides enjoy meeting new people, interacting with others, being out of doors, giving back and sharing
the wonderful stories that bring Mill Valley’s history to life

Guides receive a one-hour orientation, a detailed, written Guidebook, and copies of historical photos. Seven “Practice Walks” are scheduled during the weeks leading up to the actual Walk into History. Guides attend at least two of these opportunities to observe an experienced Guide demonstrate how the Walk is presented. All Guides receive as much support as desired from other experienced Guides. While many Guides prefer to lead their Walk groups on their own, other Guides partner with a second Guide to lead their Walk group as a team.

This year’s Walk, “Blithedale Canyon: Rest, Recreation and `Roos,” is already generating a great deal of interest and excitement, and includes such high-interest sites as “The Redwood Lodge,” the former Blithedale Hotel properties, and historic Klyce homes.

Guide Recruitment is Underway and there are still openings –
even if you’ve never done it before!

To become a 2015 Walk into History Guide or to ask us any queations 
please complete this form.


2014 Mill Valley History Walk: “Locust District – Then and Now”

2014 MVHS banner over Blithedale 3Locust District – Then and Now
Planes, Trains and Indians
2013 MVHS History Walk.21

The 2014 Mill Valley historical society will be hosting the annual Walk Into History on Sunday, May 25th, 2014.

As is tradition, the walk will take place in 15-minute intervals from 9:30 am until 3:00 pm. The walk will “begin” at the Outdoor Art Club. Begin is the operating word, because the walk will actually take place a mile away in the Locust District.

Sign ups will take place at the Outdoor art club and the walkers will immediately board a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will carry the walkers to the Marin Theater, across the street from the 2 a.m. club and Joes Taco lounge. Here is where the walk BEGINS.

There will be many businesses and homes covered in the walk, as well as stories and anecdotes about the development of the surrounding neighborhood.
Chief Marin Sign
Two highlights of the walk will be the stops that point out the birthplace of “Chief Marin”, as well as the one time location of the first European adobe home of Mill Valley. (The home of the John Reed family – same John Reed who built the MILL of Mill Valley) The third highlight of the walk will be a colorful story and pointing out of the location where an early bi-plane (1911) “crash landed” in the barren Locust district. Look soon for the walk poster, which will highlight these three mentioned elements of the walk.

MVHS Website Updates

MVHS Store Debuts & 2013 History Walk Guidebook Downloadable

Reviews for salePlease check out our brand new online MVHS Store where you can buy current and past copies of our annual publication “Review” and copies of the excellent book “Mill Valley – The Early Years” by Barry Spitz. Soon you will be able to buy online copies of our History Walk DVDs. Check back soon.

The guidebook for the 2013 History Walk, Cascade Canyon Pioneer Families, is now available to read or download from our Guidebook page.

Large Turnout for History Walk

2013 MVHS History Walk.212013-05-26 at 12.07.34Over 300 participants. Many more than average for past 35 annual history walks.

Perfect weather. Effective publicity. New website received many inquiries. Widespread interest in Cascade Canyon and its pioneer families.

Accolades are due all who worked diligently to make a success of the event.Considerable feedback praising the guides.   [click photos to enlarge]

2013-05-26 at 12.59.29